Academy of Supporting the Human Development Association
has grown out of the need to meet and participate in a progress geared towards the development of a total Human Being. Taking in mankind in time and space (history) and its deepest discoveries concerning Nature of the World and  Nature of Man (science, religion, philosophy, art), we intend to refer to current reality pointing attention to the complexity and multidimensional aspect, and at the same time, at the simplicity, beauty, and sameness of all phenomena.

Observing with the interest, however, not without criticism, at different systems of thought about reality, at paradigms, strategies associated with organizing societies, it is not difficult to notice that monocentric systems and forms have generated a series of phenomena such as orthodoxy, fundamentalism,  sociocentrism, dictatorship, egocentrism, tyranny, absolutisation, totalitarism, idealization, demonisation, etc, leading to concentration of various potentials and goods (energy, form) in a given space (scene), in the possession of defined groups or individuals, creating imbalance, economic, racial , and faith divisions, exploitation, expansionism, all forms of conflicts and abuses relating to Man and the World as a whole.

Differentiation, divisions, borders these are phenomena which, at a certain level (form), are natural and inevitable, however,  if they are executed (influenced) with the use of an overt or latent monocentric model, without the awareness and vision of totality, as well as without the respect for the autonomy of individuals and societies lead to the disintegration of a whole, of tensions, and the deformation of human beings (psychopathy, sociopathy) as well as of entire communities and management systems (controlling).

Mutinies, heresies, revolutions, schisms, divisions, antagonisms, conflicts of all kind (at times armed) are manifestations of natural tendencies to break away from the monocentric governance leading to the emergence and expression of other values, ideas, rules, methods, or manners of existence, perception, and comprehending both, so called, outer and inner reality (duocentrism, polycentrism). Then the undiscovered, unused as well as blocked and suppressed  potentials, possibilities and models by the dominating ideology may then be conceded or revealed.

Hence the individuation instinct is given a voice and expression. The drive and instinct of individuation present in all forms of life, signifies, that no life exists on Earth without its individuality. Each form of life, from its very nature, appears in a diversified aspect, otherwise life would not exist. This enables the materialization of that, which in man for a given time is significantly natural (actualization). In a healthy social system, that which is natural in a process of its unit is also natural and beneficial in a social dimension.

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A photoreport regarding the performance of the drama group TREMO and the music band Axis Mundi during the celebrations connected with "Dzień Ziemi" [Earth Day] in Andrychów on 23 April 2007

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