Bogdan Oś - for 15 years has been studying and using C.G. Jung’s psychological approach in his own practice and therapeutic work and workshops with people, human relations and groups. He has been working with body, voice, and deeper insight, which is developed in different cultures, he has also many years’ experience with searching drama groups: Jerzy Grotowski’s Teatr Laboratorium, Drugie Studio – Wrocław (following Grotowski), "OEDYPUS" – a project with Pilgrimage Theatre (the USA), Street Theatres - cooperation with Jacek Zuzański –Lower Silesia, and a workshop project with Jacek Ostraszewski (the Osjan group leader). He has also developed his own drama, educational, workshop and training projects. Bogdan Oś has been studying and exploiting in his own life Process Oriented Psychology (Arnold Mindell). Both of his works are being prepared: "A victim – from suffering to devotion" and "A teacher and a student – a confrontation or an encounter".

Agnieszka Szałabska - has participated in a graphic concept of this website. Agnieszka is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.


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