"Anyone interested in processes in the natural world would be very rewarded by a study of theatre conditions. His discoveries would be far more applicable to general society than the study of bees or ants. Under the magnifying glass he would see a group of people living all the time according to precise, shared, but un-named standards. He would see that in any community a theatre has either no particular function or a unique one. The uniqueness of the function is that it offers something that cannot be found in the street, at home, in the pub, with friends, or on a psychiatrist’s couch; in a church or at the movies. There is only one interesting difference between the cinema and the theatre. The cinema flashes on to a screen images from the past. As this is what the mind does to itself all through life, the cinema seems intimately real. Of course, it is nothing of the sort it is a satisfying and enjoyable extension of the unreality of everyday perception. The theatre, on the other hand, always asserts itself in the present. This is what can make it more real than the normal stream of consciousness. This also is what can make it so disturbing. (...) The theatre is the arena where a living confrontation can take place. The focus of a large group of people creates a unique intensity owing to this forces that operate at all times and rule each person’s daily life can be isolated and perceived more clearly."

Peter Brook - "The Empty Space"

If our inner experience and the things we observe in the surrounding world are separated, it gives rise to a creation of conflict and all its consequences. Then, there are too big tensions which stops us from functioning properly or a situation in which we feel the lack of energy creating stagnation, inertia, and depression. The both cases lead to lack of productivity, deformation, lack of satisfaction, and all kinds of suffering. Probably it was Buddha practicing ascetism was to hear the words said by carrier who talked to his student whom he taught to play a string instrument : “ if you pull a string too hard, it will break, however, if you do not pull it, it will not play!” The words were to make Siddharta Gautama to realise that he functioned in the lack of balance. The drama work, which the drama group TREMO do, is based on live exploration and inner experience, and on observing the things in the outside world, confronting it and expressing what is the result of revealing and actual dialogue – where Identity and Reality are mutually implied and do not stand in opposition, separation or conflict any longer, which leads to their creative cooexistence and cofunctioning

The classes take place every Thursday in Bielsko-Biała, the start: 5. p.m. 
in the Polish Theatre

Grupa Tremo Grupa Tremo
Grupa Tremo Grupa Tremo
Grupa Tremo


The performance to Naso Łazowski's vernissage 'Naso Wizje' ['Naso Visions'], Galeria Szyb Wilson [Wilson Glass Gallery], Katowice 10 March 2006

A photoreport regarding the performance of the drama group TREMO and the music band Axis Mundi during the celebrations connected with "Dzień Ziemi" [Earth Day] in Andrychów on 23 April 2007






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