Movement and change are unavoidable, however, already today they cannot only depend on coincidence and unawareness. They must develop on the basis of in-depth insights and the understanding of elementary, fundamental psychological and social facts with a consideration for emotions and intuitions, and lead to the most total, conscious, and creative participation in the shaping of society (sociocracy). Each human being and each society is responsible for the whole and constitutes the whole. Modern times, as never before, demand openness to and support of the World as a whole. This will become possible when we support each of its individual elements (polycentrism).

We are facing the necessity to work out such forms of coexistence of societies, communities (appropriate politics, economy, ethics, ecology) and human entities, which will enable the best organization of complex social structures (polycentrism, patterns) including the dynamics and development stages in which human beings and systems exist in the pursuit of total identity.

If one does not take into consideration complete, multidimensional totalities (polycentrism) and succumbs to monocentric seductions and habits he will continue to jeopardize the existence at many levels.

"Jeśli rozpoznaje się istnienie tylko pewnego układu energii, tylko jemu podporządkowuje, reszta energii niszczy całkowicie ten układ."

Joseph Campbell

Taking into consideration the development and achievements of human thought and the practice of confronting specific problems, we refer in our assumptions, projects and action methods of the most fertile, creative, practical discoveries and insights of sociology, psychology, science, medicine, philosophy, anthropology, art, and many other fields of social life serving Man and the World.

We take into consideration the historic growth indicating its existence in the present without giving up visions, dreams, needs, fears, expectations, and requirements reaching to the nearest and farthest future. Our basic driving condition is the belief in Total.

"Tak samo jak każda racjonalna wiara, i ta również (wiara w ludzkość) nie jest jakimś pobożnym życzeniem, ale opiera się na dowodach minionych osiągnięć rodzaju ludzkiego i na wewnętrznych doznaniach każdego człowieka, na jego własnym odczuciu rozumu i miłości"

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