The film art has become unusually popular and there are probably no people, in countries of average standard technology, who have not gone to the cinema, used a TV set , a video, a video films or DVD films hire. The popularity and accessibility of computer devices expands the possibility of access to the film productions of both entertainment and works of art of the highest standard. For thousands of years Human Entities have developed themselves dealing with customs, myths, fairy tales, literature. All these forms of activity of human Souls are so ubiquitously available in all corners of the World and have served extremely crucial functions, such as educative, educational, initiational, therapeutic, rehabilitative. These forms have showed important patterns of ethical, moral attitudes. They have indicated the skills which indispensable in life. They hale also tried to answer Essentials existentional questions. (among other things: the creation of the World, the creation of a Human Being, meaning of Life, etc). They have conveyed the message about the development of a human entity.

Nowadays the function of conveying these messages is performed by film art, which often makes use of literature, mythology, different kinds of art. It has become, apart form theatre and literature, the most popular medium which influences a Human entity. How conscious are we of this influence? Do we take advantage of this for us, our closest people, the society, and the surrounding World? Our meetings play many roles to answer these queries. They are to make participants to get to know with the most interesting works of contemporary and old cinematography, making use of various types of film art. Their function is to provide conditions to present, and make the audience perceive and comprehend its content appropriately; to encourage to participate in the drama group, which, thanks to appropriate management and responsible participation, can play an important socialising role.

Every participant can actively take part in the group playing different roles (organising meetings, conducting discussions, choosing a film, etc), which is  to encourage to develop a leading attitude.

The leading psychologist and therapist coordinates the organisational activities, conducts discussions, supports participants in expressing their opinions, criticizes and backs up participants’ creative criticism, helps to solve questionable issues which arise during the film discussions and which result from participants’ different views.  Meetings are to encourage to express people’s thoughts, feelings, opinions, points of view on art and reality. Participants learn how to concentrate on noticing crucial and valuable contents conveyed in the film and by other participants taking part in a discussion.

We use interesting and inspiring films made by great producers of the world and Polish cinematography (A. Kurosawa, D. Lynch, M. Wojtyszko, K. Kieślowski, Takeshi Kitano, W. Wenders, P. Almodowar, B. Bertolucci, etc.). We also discuss paradocumentary and biographical films, such as: "Baraka", "Powaqqatsi", "Wisdom of Dreams" a biographical film about C.G. Jung, etc. The greatest emphasis is put on participating in a discussion (expressing your own opinions, afterthoughts, sharing emotions, techniques and strategies of conducting discussions, etc).

The group is an essential creation helping to find a place to people lost in a maze of the present times or trying to return to a society after a pathologisation or therapy stage. It creates human bonds enabling to meet close people, establish contacts, get to know other people. Participants can get familiar and share knowledge from different areas of science and human faculties (history, psychology, anthropology, art, knowledge of philosophical, religious, and other systems).

The group meets every Sunday, at 16.00, in the Osiedlowe Centrum Kultury "PEGAZ" [The Culture Center PEGAZ], Braci Gierymskich 5 Street, Bielsko-Biała


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