The information included here does not constitute a complete plan of workshop, seminar or lecture drafts. This is only an abbreviated presentation of the projects which are being executed or prepared. All of them have an open form, there is a network between them constituting a holistic view of all the topics. We will be pleased to give further information to all people interested.

  • identity and reality in which we are living
  • human possibilities and searching for truth
  • development and gaining knowledge
  • reality - unreality
  • drama workshop
  • theatre as a means to get to know a human entity
  • maze - accident  -  sense
  • trickster - a jester, a crook, a player, or a soul connoisseur?
  • force dance, force song, and a significant vision
  • love and hatred
  • matriarchy - patriarchy and what will be next?
  • man, where are you?
  • chaos and conflict
  • excess - shortage - stagnation
  • aggression: does it have to be only destructive?
  • power and force in a personal development and social realisation
  • project for schools
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