The Academy’s assumptions, objectives and methods of activities (the abstract from the Articles of Association)



The Academy is a voluntary, self-governing and permanent association of the non-commercial objectives, established to perform and support sociocreative and culturcreative activities, to shape active attitudes in social life, to contribute to develop a living and varied social tissue which allows for complete and satisfactory development of an individual, a group and a community.


The Academy’s objectives are:

  1. creating shared foundation for sociocracy on the bases of friendly space to exchange ideas and activities;
  2. conducting psychological, social and educational activities (extending the awareness of psychological and social phenomena);
  3. creating and promoting valuable sociocreative phenomena;
  4. supporting the nongovernment organizations in a technical, training, and informative way;
  5. popularising and promoting humanistic, ecological and deeply democratic social attitudes;
  6. supporting the solutions of existing conflicts and work on the lack of communication between the social structural units;
  7. conducting scientific and research activities respecting the rule of unity of all phenomena and uniqueness of each system;
  8. popularizing and preparing meetings of different societies including intercultural contacts in Bielsko-Biała and outside;
  9. activities connected with the European Integration in all possible social life areas;
  10. arising the awareness of belonging to the whole world (noticing macroworld phenomena in local space of a human entity and a community);
  11. helping people and families because of:
    • poverty
    • orphanhood
    • homelessness
    • unemployment
    • social exclusion and discrimination
    • disability
    • enduring illnesses
    • alcoholism and drug addiction
    • helplessness in protective and educational situations and running the household, especially in
      incomplete families and families with many children
    • difficulties in adopting to life after leaving a penalty unit
    • natural disasters or ecological disasters
    • needs to protect motherhood and families with many children;
  12. cooperation with national authority, self-government units, and institutions with regard to meeting
    objectives, the specified in the above items (items 1-10);
  13. cooperation with international organizations and institutions with regard to meeting objectives, the
    specified in the above items (items 1-10).

The Academy is meeting its objectives by:

  1. organizing conferences, seminars, talks, scientific sessions, discussion meetings and other events;
  2. running educational activities (training courses, lectures, courses and workshops) and publishing activities;
  3. establishing a centre of information and documentation to reinforce meeting the statutory objectives;
  4. promoting partnerships between the non-governmental sector, and local and regional self-governments, and economic entities;
  5. expressing opinions on public cases, and especially in cases regarding crucial activities conducted by national and self-government authorities, at local and central level and which are connected with the statutory objectives;
  6. submitting motions and opinions addressed to appropriate institutions, authority, offices and courts in cases connected with the statutory objectives;
  7. cooperating with persons, institutions and organisations which execute similar objectives;
  8. joining the activities to organise events or projects initiated by other institutions and institutions executing similar objectives;
  9. belonging to other national and international organisations which execute similar objectives;
  10. doing tasks commissioned by national units and self-government authorities;
  11. counteracting the social exclusion and discrimination;
  12. getting involved in establishing ethical rules and constant care to follow the rules;
  13. acting for the sake of its members by supporting their development and acquiring further qualifications
  14. other activities aiming at executing the statutory objectives.

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